San Julián and Santa Lucía Complex

Our new chapter could not have a better location; the San Julián and Santa Lucía Complex, where the past, present and future of our city converge.

The history of the San Julián hospital dates back to the 16th century, although a hospital-hostel had previously existed next to the chapel of the same name. Unfortunately only the southern pavilion, rebuilt around 1900, has survived to the present day.

Centuries of life, during which the building became a hospital, military barracks and shelter until eventually falling into ruins. Thanks to the mobilization of the locals, it was saved from demolition, in extremis, immediately becoming a genuine symbol of the fight against the destruction of our heritage.

The exciting story of San Julián is also linked to George Orwell’s passage through Barbastro when wounded in the war and to the beloved and emblematic Julieta "Always” who once rested between these walls.

Since 1999, when already fully renovated, this historical complex has entered a new era and added another use to its trajectory. The old hospital became the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Somontano, the “Wine Zone” museum and the Barbastro Tourism Information Office. Meanwhile, the old church houses the Somontano Interpretation Center. It is now a place where the tourism and wine of our territory converge and the ideal starting point for all visitors to Barbastro and Somontano. The "Old Hospital of San Julián and Santa Lucía" was officially declared an "Aragonese Cultural Heritage Site" in 2002.


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Conjunto de San Julián & Santa Lucia

Avenida de la Merced, 64, ground floor
Barbastro (Huesca)
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